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WestPoint Wealth Management was built on the values and principals of its founding members; trust, integrity, accountability, patriotism and advocacy.  The firm  serves thousands of individual and business clients from many different communities all across the country. It as a financial partner to its clients by bringing to them the resources necessary to help overcome all of their financial challenges. WestPoint Wealth Management provides a wide range of insurance and investment products. Our team of fiduciary advisors is prepared to help navigate clients through all stages of their financial lives.

Our vision is to serve our customers using holistic and comprehensive financial planning processes in the most professional and ethical manner possible.  Our mission is to help educate people on the choices and implications of their financial decisions … and to make sure that those decisions align with their beliefs and expectations.  WestPoint advisors have completed extensive training, education and skill development (and continue to do so) to prepare them for the financial planning approach that is the center of what we do as a firm.

At WestPoint Wealth Management, we conduct a thorough assessment of not only the financial position of our clients, but we also help uncover the emotional motivations behind their decision-making as well.  With our team of advisors, we are prepared to present strategies that are consistent with our clients’ objectives and obligations. Our advisors have access to the financial services and instruments from nearly every manufacturer in the industry, assuring the most objective approach possible.

Finally, every member of our firm is actively involved in the communities that we serve, whether that be participating in charitable organizations, sporting teams, business and trade groups or local schools and universities.  “Giving back” is a cornerstone of who we are as an organization.

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