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The story of some financial services is that they OVER promise and UNDER deliver on their commitments to their business partners and advisors. At WestPoint, we will make sure that doesn’t occur and we will assist in bringing focus to your business development so you can stop using the cookie cutter approach that is so common within the industry.


We offer a hybrid platform for our partners which includes an above average payout combined with many levels of support for your practice.


We help in moving your business from Vision to Reality. WE OFFER AN A LA CARTE APPROACH to business development that aligns specifically to YOUR needs. As an advisor, YOU select the support terms that you need from the firm’s “menu,” and the FIRM puts these in place for you. 

It is truly about YOU, the advisor. WestPoint’s role is to offer you the support needed to reach YOUR business goals and objectives. 


What Makes Us Different?

A combination of professional back-office support, access to marketing resources, strategic alliance teaming and personalized compensation plans tailored to fit your needs.

Technology is a large part of every successful advisor’s practice and we recognize that fact. So we have invested in tools such as client database management, client presentation material, financial planning systems, and investment portfolio analysis.

Our firm is built on a positive, supportive culture and servant leadership is a cornerstone of our support structure. We recognize the fact that without the successful advisor, our organization does not exist. So we do whatever we can to make sure that our advisors are successful.

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