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Nicholas Balante

Financial Advisor / Investment Advisor Representative

Nick grew up on the east side of the Cleveland metropolitan area and has always been proud to be all-inclusive when connecting with his peers.  He appreciates every relationship he has had the opportunity to develop and feels his purpose is to make a positive long-lasting impact not only for his clients specifically, but for every person he is acquainted with. 

Nick’s been a participant in sports recreation in his community his entire life. Starting with T-Ball at the age of 5, he fell in love with the competitive nature of athletics. This passion has been nurtured in every aspect of his life, and he now continues to foster this nature in servicing his financial planning clients. Always striving to go above and beyond for his family, friends, and associates has directly translated to his practice with WestPoint Wealth Management.

Nick’s priority for his practice is to ensure that his clients are the heroes of their story and can make what they want to happen, happen. He believes there is an inherent shared quality amongst his clients. His clients want the best…the best service, the best solution, and ultimately, the best outcome. If you want the best, Nick will do what he can to make that happen.