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As a WestPoint client, you can feel confident knowing that you’ve taken a proactive approach to pursuing your lifetime and legacy goals.  You’ll come away with a clearer vision of your objectives and a roadmap for your financial future.

Our Process

Advocacy – We serve as advocates for our clients and help protect them, their loved ones, business partners and employees from the unforeseen.

Proactive Implementation – We develop and implement financial solutions to meet your evolving needs and our proactive client service model provides ongoing monitoring and adjustment to keep your plan on course.

Plan and Advise – We assess your current goals, objectives and circumstances.

Conduct In-depth Research and Diagnostics – Our “Think Tank” of experienced professionals will analyze your situation and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

Develop a Customized Plan – We’ll conduct intensive due diligence and prepare a comprehensive plan based on your goals for your family or business.

Deliver the Financial Plan -Your planning team will deliver a comprehensive plan that addresses your particular needs with sound financial strategies.

Facilitate plan implementation – We’ll provide detailed step-by-step recommendations for moving forward and will help aggregate all of your critical information.

Integrate Sophisticated Technology – All of your vital information including accounts, legal documents, policies and more will be input into your secure, easy to use web-based tool that provides you with an online vault, current account date and a suite of reports.

Ongoing Monitoring and Refinement – Our proactive communication will include regular reviews of your plan and will provide you with quarterly and annual reports, facilitating meetings with your advisor as needed.


Our client relationship process all starts with an in-depth data gathering session where we get to know all of your financial goals and needs, while also looking at your current situation.  From there, we construct a financial “roadmap” on how to get from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.  Education plays a big part in this step.  After the planning is done, then we enter the implementation phase and start discussing how we are going to partner together to make the plan “happen”.  It is here that we incorporate the multitude of financial products and resources that we offer.  Here are just some of those products and resources:

  • Mutual Funds/Stock/ Bonds/REITs
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Brokerage Accounts/Private Wealth Management
  • Life Insurance Products
  • Disability Income Insurance Products
  • Long-Term Care Products
  • Health Insurance Products
  • Group Plans
  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Executive Compensation Plans